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March 16th, 2012

This article in Guernica Magazine is another very good discussion of the Invisible Children organization and its Kony2012 campaign.

You might also read, if you haven’t seen it, today’s news, Uganda screenings of Kony film halted after protests. That’d be because “Joseph Kony No Longer [seen as] a Threat“.

I’m sorta wondering whether IC is starting to regret their rather unconsidered enthusiasm.

The real invisible children are Uganda’s high school kids. There just isn’t much support available for them. Lots o’ people go all mushy over grade school kids— and not unreasonably so— but what about when they actually get old enough to where they might soon begin working for a living, if they just had education and training?

Well, click the paypal link to the right! Kony may be pretty much out of the picture by now, but these kids are very real, and they need your help right now!


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